About Us

We Work Hard To Provide The Best Teacup Puppies for You and Your Family

We are passionate lovers of Yorkies Terrier with 7 years experience and we specialize in producing Yorkie puppies with amazing quality, health, structure, charisma, and temperament. Our champion lined Yorkies are available in the following standard colors: fawn, black brindle, pied, and white. We’ve also bred exotic colored Yorkies such as lilac, blue, and chocolate. The exotic colors are in very high demand. Most breeders that breed for these colors overlook the quality, health, and conformation. Fur color is a just as small factor of the complete makeup of our dogs. We have sourced the globe for the best and most sought after bloodlines in each breed. Over the past decade, we have developed those lines to create some of the most breathtaking Yorkies! Our goal is to produce quality Yorkies that will be placed in loving family/show homes. All of our Yorkie puppies live at home with us in a loving family environment with kids and other home pets like cats and births. We enjoy taking our Yorkies to various parks and beaches in and around the city. We have been breeding and raising Yorkies for the past years and we believe “Quality isn’t Expensive, It’s priceless” As with most things in life, the experience is everything. We have searched the Earth far and wide over the past decade and are happy to have been blessed with the opportunity to find and bring home some of the most exclusive bloodlines in the world. We are working on another generation of our own productions which keeps getting better and better with every litter. We are very happy with the mark we have made in the Yorkie world so far and we are thrilled with the direction of our breeding program. If you are thinking of getting a head-turning Yorkies that will captivate your heart, look no further.​​